The Huntington Library and Gardens

Wow, it’s been a while since this place has seen any action. Before you judge, there are reasons: WordPress has been janky and I’m a stickler for design, and I’ve just been really busy and using the first excuse as a reason not to post.


So, now that WordPress is back to normal, here’s a little post on the Huntington Library and Gardens! This is one of my absolute favorite places in SoCal; it’s got gardens with plants and flowers from around the globe, a tea room, and very well curated art galleries and libraries. It’s also just a great spot to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, which is what I did quite a lot over the summer and winter breaks.

No pictures of the tea room here, but I highly recommend it. It’s unlike other tea room experiences in that the mini sandwiches and pastries are served buffet-style, but that’s not to say it isn’t classy. I’ve been with my mom before, and we spent the most amazing 2 hours eating and drinking tea and talking about traveling through Europe. After we finished, we wandered around the gardens with our bellies full of great food and tea and just soaked up all the beauty. It’s great.


That’s all folks! A short and sweet post.



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